Aquatone – statements from users


Hi Boris!

So many positive things have happened with my health. Imagine being able to change chronic  cardiac fibrillation (of 20 years), something that would have cost 200 000 SEK to fix in France, according to my cardiac specialist. Also, my husband’s health has improved.

You knew I had a thyroid problem; but with the help of  ”the Power of Thought”, Triomed, ”Smart Breathe” and ”Aquatone” and vitamin/mineral-therapy, my thyroid now functions completely normally. The thyroid test was made in 27th of June and the next day I got the amazing information that everything was completey NORMAL! Thank you so much!

Maj-Lis Rehnqvist

I believe treatment with Aquatone is particularly suitable for people with my disease; ME (myalgic ecephalomyelitis ) which is both immunological and neurological and affects a number of body systems negatively with distressing symptoms and extreme fatique.

I use Triomed, Ioniflex and Aquatone every day. With the first two devices I experienced some but indeed needed relief. With Aquatone, I noticed a faster and more tangible result in various ways.

First of all, I noticed a new sensation in the body – a pleasurable feeling of wellness I haven’t felt since childhood.

My digestion has improved.

My immune system feels stronger.

My urinary tract is no longer so susceptible to problems.

Recovering from muscle cramps goes faster.

My skin feels softer and is in better condition.

Regarding the mental part, it’s more difficult to assess, but i feel more stable and my sleep has improved.

When I look back at my situation three years ago and compare it with today, the difference is enormous, which I believe is a combined result of using all three devices.

However, If you only are able to purchase one device, I recommend buying Aquatone, at least if you suffer of my kind of disease.

Although I’m off and on still dependent on my wheel chair, I now can move around much more and am able to live a considerably more normal life than I could even have dreamt a few years ago.

Great many thanks Boris, who makes it possible for all of us to create a better life.


Viveka Willner


I’m very happy and grateful for my Aquatone!

A couple of months ago, I discussed my lyme disease with Boris and how I could strengthen my immune system in order to be free of all the reoccuring summer infections, penicillin and generally feeling bad. Boris then told me about their new addition, Aquatone, which made me really interested and I purchased one.

Now, after having used Aquatone for about 45 days, I keep the lyme disease at bay, sense a new balance in my body and soul…sleep better than ever, have lost weight and, psychologically, fears and worries have been significantly reduced.

Thank you so much Boris, for letting me know about this amazing tool, which ”tunes” my body and soul into great health!!

Warmest regards,
Vivianne Alvarsdotter

For almost a year, I’ve had trouble with inflammation in the urinary tract. Complicated due to prolapse pressing against the intestine. No ordinary household remedy worked, so I took to using penicillin more and more. When another dose was needed after only 14 days, enough was enough.

I attended an information meeting on Aqautone and Triomed that Boris held on April 26th, and I purchased both Aquatone and Triomed. Now, a month later, after having used both devices diligently for a fortnight, I became completely symptom free 4 days ago.

Important to drink a lot of structured water.

I’m so grateful and intend to continue using these two tools to enable my body to become increasingly healthier on a cellular level.

 I and my husband have been using Aquatone and Triomed for a month. What amazing resulats! My husband’s arthritis in his knee was due for surgery but is now almost completely healthy. His impaired hearing has also improved a lot. My own experience: deep sleep with resulting more energy, no more blisters, tighter skin etc.

I have treated several patients with Aquatone with amazing and fast results, among those torticollis, plantar fascilitis, painful shoulder.

I’m so greateful for you Boris,
Ann-Christin Fyhr
Ronneby, Blekinge län


 I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful device Aquatone. In just over a month I’m free of some health problems completely and others, that I’ve had almost all my life, are improving.

I got rid of sciatica after only 2 days.

Drowsiness dissapeared after 3-4 days of treatments.

Sleep is much deeper and more restful.

Stress is considerably reduced and now only occurrs sporadically.

Nasal congestion eased up after only 2 treatments.

Tension and stagnation in the abdomen have significantly improved.

I still have problems with my hips and a shorter leg, but also this has improved.

In general, I feel much stronger, more positive and healthier.

I would recommend Aquatone to everyone. You just can’t but love Aquatone.
Malgorzata Okla.

I have been using Aquatone for 2 months, reducing wrinkles according to the manual and notice that my skin has become smoother and less wrinkly. Thank you!

I have also used Aquatone on the eyes of my mother and myself. My mother has age-related macular degeneration and has very poor vision, and i also has symptoms of the same sort. Now, my mother can catch glimpses of things she hasn’t seen in years. I can read smaller text nowadays och seem to have a clearer vision.

I’m so grateful. Aquatone is so very valuable to me.

Britt-Marie Danielsson Fd Johansson

Hello Boris !

I would like to mention that I, mid November last year, got rashes all over my body, except the face, with excruciating itching and was only given cortison ointment and antihistamin by my physician. At first, the ointment had a slight effect, but then everything came back.

You helped me with Aquatone and Triomed and, now, the problems are almost all gone… what a liberating feeling!

I have also included photos showing the change I’ve gone through since I’ve started using Aqautone end of February. I’d like to spread this info so that others also can benefit from using Aquatone. Trying to include the pictures but I’m not sure how to send them.

I have also noticed a rejuvenation effect, which can be seen on the pictures I sent to your mobile phone. Amazing!
Ulla –Stina Alvstaaf

I just recently purchased Aquatone and have already experienced its significant strength. I had inflamed gums with troublesome bleeding and supporation. After only a couple of days of treatment, all problems disappeared completely.

Great many thanks!
Eva Wenner

I use Aquatone every day since two months and I now have a much more restful sleep, which previously used to be very difficult for me. I have also noticed that my pulse slows down when I use Aquatone under the navel, level 2 mode 1-3.
Gittan Hiller

 Thank you so much Boris for the amazing devices Aquatone och Triomed. I own both of them. For the past 3 years, I’ve had major neck pain. It started with a minor torticollis, but eventually, I couldn’t live, sit, walk or sleep normally and was in constant pain. It had become chronic. With the help of Aquatone, I got rid of the problem in 12 days. The pain disappeared. Occasionally, my blood pressure peaked, had occasional migraines…all these things were normalized too.

I recommended a friend of mine to buy Aquatone. She had similar problems with her neck as I used to have. She took care of it within 2 weeks, additionally, she also cured her cystisis in 2 weeks.

I helped my colleague. He came to work with acute shoulder pain and couldn’t lift his hand. With the help of Aquatone, I managed to remove the problem in 4 hours. He was thrilled, surprised and grateful.

I sent his ”Thank you” to Boris! Once again, Boris, a great many thanks!
Maya Tsirikashvilli

 Hello Boris with friends,

I have now been using Aquatone for a good 2 months. I started to treat my kidneys and liver. My complexion has completely changed, from having had a dry and flakey skin, it now looks as if it has just been moisturized. Since I began using Aquatone, the vacuum I used to feel in my head is gone.

Thank you Boris for this tool and for all other health solutions you have given me.
Doris Johansson

Hello Boris,

  • I fell and hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago. I treated locally on the area with mode1-2 and 2 for 3 days and the swelling and pain disappeared completely.

* I had troublesome pain in my lumbar area, treated it with mode 1-2 twice and 90% of the pain disappeared.

  • I’ve also had problems with tooth ache och blisters in the mouth and used mode 2 twice a day for 2 days and now the blisters and pain is almost all gone.
  • I have also used Aquatone for treating my pollen allergies, mode 2, which has worked very well.

I’m so very grateful for Aquatone!!
Susanne Graucob

In April, I attended a lecture Boris held on Aquatone and its advantages. I bought it on an whim and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I have treated my troublesome neck, after years of visits to physiotherapists and naprapaths, my problems have now vanished. I have also used Aquatone for wrinkles and poor digestion. My friends say I look fresh so, definitely, wrinkle depth has changed alot. As an extra bonus, my skin has beome much softer. My digestion has also impoved. For sure, I’m going to continue using my Aquatone. Thank you, Boris!
Kind regards, Bia Hortell

 Hello Boris!

I purchased Aquatone in May this year and have, among other things, used the programme for sleep disorders, which I’ve had for a year and a half. I’ve got sleeeping pills prescribed, but haven’t had to use them the last couple of weeks.

Kind regards,
Birthe Bredenholt Czerwiec.

Case 1. I have been in pain for 6 months and visited an orthopaedic at Easter, before that, I’ve visited the emergency ward, a naprapath and physiotherapist. I have now actively been using Aquatone for 7 weeks. From not being able to walk, now almost all pain is gone and I can even walk in stairs. They have recently performed magnetic x-ray scan on me an I’m very excited to see the results. I have mostly used mode 2, level 3 but also mixed modes like crazy. I treated the back and front of the meniscus, and at first nothing happened, but when I added the thyroid and the lower back things improved.

Case 2. acute cold, soar throat. I used Triomed (homeopathy programme),  Aquatone and structured water, which brought on the cold quickly but made it shortlived. Treated both sides of the nose, forehead and back of the head.

Case 3. Beginning of getting a migraine. Stops it from developing with the help of Triomed (homeopathy programme) on the painful areas aound the eyes and sinuses. I often have to run the program several times, but I usually fall asleep with the device still running and wake up without pain.

Kind regards,
Laila Jakobsson, Malmö

I slipped on the outdoor stairs late fall and probabely broke a rib. I’ve been in pain when laying on the side and only been able to fall asleep laying on the back. After a couple of treatments with Aquatone, the problems disappeared completely.
Anders Tomtlund

 I’ve had troublesome singe on the tounge. After having used Aquatone on the tongue and drunk structured water, the singe disappeared. Thank you!!
Eva Anto

 Yesterday, I helped a friend with her painful plantar fasciit. I treated the area locally and on the back of the head. She said she felt better immediately and that the pain was almost entirely gone – and that it works if you believe in it. I told her that this you don’t even have to believe in for it to work. I bought my Aquatone 5 weeks ago, and have mostly used it on the general zones. I have more energy, feel stronger, calmer and happier. I used to have dreadful pain in my feet in the morning, which is now almost completely gone. I also sleep better, not waking up several times a night which I used to do. Looking forward to all the things I’m about to treat; my vision, hearing, detoxing the lymph system. And I’m also happy to be able to help my friends in pain in a quick and uncomplicated way. I’m so pleased with this investement.
Yvonne Sjödin

Dear Boris,
I followed your advice to treat my liver to improve my constipation, which is working really well. I started using Aquatone May 11th and today no longer have any problems with constipation. Just amazing!
Anton Kreuzer

After 2 days of using Aquatone, the dizziness and drowsiness I’ve had for years are gone!! I can’t believe it…I’m so happy!!
Inga Liljedahl

Recently, I woke up with severe pain in my lumbar and knee after having worked in the garden the day before. I have a diagnosis of spinal stenosis with some reccess-stenosis and spondylosis and arthritis in lumbar and 2 hernias. I started the day by using Aquatone on my lumbar on 2 places and then moved it to the knee and finished behind the neck. It’s almost too good to be true, but all the pain disappeared at once. I’m super happy for my health tools which aid me every day.
Thank you Boris, for being here, without my Triomed and Aquatone I wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed that day after working in the garden.
Monica, Luleå

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Fahlgren’s syndrom. There are only a few discovered cases in Sweden, so there is not much knowledge about how to treat this syndrom. Symptoms include severe neck pain, immobility and difficulties swallowing. The diagnosis were given after a computer tomography. In addition, ESR was 170. Recieved cortison orally to quickly lower ESR. Pain killers were ineffective so I began using Aquatone and Triomed several times a day, after two weeks of treatment, I’am now almost completely symptom free.
I used Aquatone accordingly:
On the back of the head/neck mornings, mode 1-2 twice in a row. In the afternoon/evening, mode 3 and then mode 1-3.
Best regards,
Ann-Catrin Olsson
Mobile phone: +46 70-264 34 14

Two weeks ago, I bought a device – which I love. It’s called Aquatone. Without any hesitation, I call this a miracle-device. In the user manual it’s described as a tool for physiotherapy of the future, and this is correct. I have a leg that is shorter and this causes tension in the hips and sciatica. After two days of treatment with Aquatone, the sciatica which I’ve had for years, is gone. Sleep has improved, stress is gone. Several times, I experienced a ”youthful” feeling.
Margareta Okla

Dear Boris!
Thank you for the wonderful Aquatone!
I use it daily. It and Triomed Vital is a ”dear friend” of my entire family. Just wanted to tell you that my mother was very sceptical towards using Aquatone. She has a bad knee, and one day after a long day out on the town, I offered to treat her knee with Aquatone. After her first treatment, I asked her: ” How do you feel?”, she answered: ”I don’t know.” Then she went home. The same evening, about 2 hours after the treatment, she calls me and says ” I can move my leg without any pain!” Next morning, she calls me again to tell me that the swelling she had in her knee was gone. She is continuing her treatment thanks to this inital result.
Now she wants to lower her blood pressure and wants an Aquatone of her own!
Thanks again Boris, for an amazing device and for showing us the way to improved health! Looking forward to your trainings and seminars.
Lena Andersson

Thank you Boris for offering me the opportunity to immerse myself in ”The Therapy of the Future-Today!”. I’m looking forward to using Aquatone, improving the body’s environment and all it’s biochemical processes!

The right shoulder of my dear partner became completely free of pain after 6 treatments (2 treatments/day for 3 days). He had had continous dull pain for 3 months. Thank you Boris for Aquatone!

In addition, my partner has treated his long lasting knee- and foot problems. Today, he’s completely problem free. Treated with Level 1 and Mode 1 on the occipital area and thereafter on the respective areas/zones.
My partner continues with clearing stagnation in the organs.

Treated the occipital area to stimulate medulla oblongata, which stimulates the entire body and balances the brain halves.
3 treatments, 1 treatment/day. Level 1 Mode 1-3 (3)

Immediately I felt joy and started singing! The dormant creativity was awakened!

Today (forth day) I sang while driving…absolutely fantastic! Both my energy and my serotonin production is coming back after a long absence. Feels comforting! Thank you Boris!
Treating stagnations in the organs according to recommendations and the locomotor system, which isn’t pleasant.
Thank you Boris Aranovich! Knowledge about ”The Therapy of the Future -Today!” is something we all need today!