Future therapy today

I s there a universal method to restore health, prevent disease and slow the aging process? Something that could help against diseases and disorders of the joints and spine, chronic problems of various kinds, or diseases of the eye and allergies, insomnia, high blood pressure or reducing wrinkles of aging skin? Can athletes recover their strength after intense exercise, thanks to this method?

Yes, there is such a method. It is based on a discovery made by Russian scientists in 1995. They discovered the “language” of the body’s water molecules, with which you can communicate and correct. What the researchers discovered the water molecules, was the resonance waves and the strength of these were very weak with a length of nearly a centimeter. Basically, it is about energy in motion vibrates in a certain way with a certain frequency, and the water molecules are part of it, like everything else that exists.

The human body comprises about 75% of water molecules. It is in this environment that all biochemical processes in the body takes place, as well as metabolism and all other physical and mental process. Everything occurring in the body must be in harmony and the presence of water molecules.

In health and in various diseases, the resonance frequencies of water molecules differ from the normal. There can be problems with complex diseases or facial wrinkles. As with age, the frequency of water molecules in the body and the skin, so that an optimal state is no longer present in the skin, leading to skin that become dry, thin and wrinkled.

T he discovery of water resonance waves made by the company Telemak in Saratov in Russia, led to the development of a treatment device called Aqua Tone that emit the same radiation aquatic environment of all living organisms with an intensity not exceeding 16 × 10-8 watts. Aqua Tone emits radiation which is several thousand times lower than that of a mobile phone. Despite this low intensity affected the environment of the body and all its biochemical processes. In order to improve the internal body health in a simple and effective way that does not cause any side effects, is now opened enormous opportunities for public health.

Aquatone affects all organs or body parts and restore normal function in diseased and damaged systems caused by the majority of known diseases. These results have been confirmed by over 150 scientific studies and clinical trials conducted over 14 years. Some of these results from the studies can be read on the website www.aquatone.se. These studies are based not only on laboratory work, but also in practical use in hospitals and clinics.

Doctors confirm the high efficiency of the Aquatone through reduced or completely eliminated the symptoms of diseases. The versatility at resonance wave therapy can be explained by the common denominator of almost all diseases, which are abnormal resonance of water molecules in the affected area. resonance wave therapy has been particularly effective in restoring damaged tissue after accidents, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, burns and radiation injury with painful symptoms. resonance wave therapy strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight infections and various inflammations.

It should also be mentioned that sports doctors point out that the resonance wave therapy aims to restore the resonance of water molecules, increases physical endurance and recovery after intense physical exertion. Hidden reserves can then be mobilized without the help of drugs.

Our company participated in a research study called “The Effect of a low-intensity electromagnetic fields on fibroblast migration and proliferation,” which was conducted at the Karolinska Institutet in 2010. The positive results were published in the American journal “Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine”, 30 (2): 80 -85, 2011.                 

 What is the difference between Akvaton and Triomed?  

T he unique properties of Aquaton enhance the biochemical reactions of the body water. This leads to significantly reduced inflammatory processes, slower aging process and improved metabolism.

Triomed strengthens cell membranes and allows cells to absorb more nutrients and oxygen to become stronger. An example of this is the immune cells that are struggling with pathogenic microorganisms can be given stronger membranes. When body fluids are improved by Aquatone, the immune cells have easier to defeat microorganisms in the environment. Therefore, Aqua Tone and Triomed complement each other at the biochemical reactions that make the body stronger.